Public Service Advertising

Public Service Guidelines for WCLT Radio, Inc.

WCLT’s public service advertising is donated primarily to charitable organization’s events and activities. Some ‘not for profit’ organizations and businesses might also qualify if all the funds generated are in support of a charitable activity.   If the business or organization is financially profiting by the event, it is considered a commercial venture, and not eligible for completely free advertising.

WCLT Radio Inc. operates four media outlets:

Kate 98.7 FM / 1430: broadcasting to Licking County, airing ‘more music, better variety’ and OSU football & basketball games and selected Licking County High School football & basketball games.

T-100, 100.3 hd: broadcasting with 50,000 watts, reaching fifteen central Ohio counties, with a country music format.

The Big Lick, 104.7 / 100.3 hd2:  broadcasting to Licking County, airing a modern Rock format. provides a link to the community events calendar,, and streaming audio of T-100.  It’s FREE to add events occurring within Licking county to

Radio Event Announcements:

Submit your event(s) via email to request consideration for air time to  Put “Community Event” in the subject line.  This is a free service.

Local News: 

Public service events often qualify for news coverage. Use the following checklist. • Is this something our listeners don’t know?  • Does it relate to a season or schedule far enough in advance so that people can take advantage of it?  •  Will it affect the lives of listeners?  • Does it have impact on the majority of the community?  • Does it have the ability to attract and hold the public’s interest?  • Is it relevant on a personal level to many people in the cmmunity?  If you believe your information meets these qualifications, write a release and submit it to our News Department.  This is a free service.

Podcast & Radio Interviews:
740 – 345-4004 x 0   email:

If you have a charitable event or other newsworthy activity, contact us for  consideration for a podcast. Editied versions of the podcasts air on all our Radio stations as well as being posted to in their entirety.   This is a free service.

Public Service Commercials: 

Public Service Director, 740-345-4004 x 0  email:

PSC’s are donated thirty-second recorded announcements containing general information about a charitable event or activity.  PSC scripts should be eighty words or less.  Always include who, what, when, where, why, and contact information.   Scripts should be submitted four weeks in advance of the event for consideration.  This is a  free service.

Charitable  Event  Advertising:
740-345-4004 x 231 email:

PSC donated announcements air on all our stations.  Inclusion in this advertising provides exposure to our Listeners, but doesn’t deliver the “Top of Mind” awareness achieved by a regular commercial schedule.  If your organization has an advertising budget, and meets our charitable event qualifications, we offer a limited number of commercial schedules at a 70% discount.  Contact our Sales Manager, Tom Bunyard.  He can explain our various advertising options.  The purchase of an advertising schedule is the best way to ensure adequate exposure for your organization’s event.

Big Thunder / Rolling Thunder / Mega Thunder Remote Broadcasts:

WCLT operates several remote broadcast vehicles.  Frequently the air time is donated in support of the event or activity, but the vehicle transport and employee costs  must be covered by the organization or event.  Contact us for availability and costs.  Send your request to or call 740-345-4004 x 222.

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