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Kelsey is a native of Licking County hailing from Newark, Ohio who graduated with a degree in New Media & Communication Technology from the Ohio State University. From growing up around musical parents, to being a theatre kid, to the queen of karaoke, it was her destiny to be behind a microphone. Her mother would say, “she didn’t talk until she was 1 and then she never stopped talking,” therefore radio came quite naturally to her.

An avid member of the community she has found herself participating as a vocalist in local shows, projects, and community service organizations such as Newark Kiwanis Club and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

“Licking County is a prime example of a community that hosts a hub of talented musicians, artists, and out-of-the-box thinkers that see the potential of working together in a way that supports local businesses and making change a reality for the better. I love seeing how people from all generations and backgrounds can come together to collaborate in servicing our community and I’m blessed to be apart of it.” -Kelsey

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