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T-100’s – Cut a Radio stage is Set!

The ‘Four Finalist’ have been selected.

– ‘Jenna Jordan’ of Mount Vernon.
– ‘John Crabtree’ of Washington Courthouse.
– ‘Dillbilly’ of Columbus.
– ‘ Vincent Trocchia’ of Lancaster.

Supporting new artists, new music, and live local music.

Each Thursday, for four weeks starting March 5th, one artist will perform up to 90 minutes on the Bootlegger stage at Thirty One West.  The performances will be judged on songwriting and performance quality by audience members and a panel of judges.

The winning artist will receive a fully produced radio ready country single that will be played on T-100.3 FM twelve times over a four day period.  This schedule will preclude a final performance at Bootlegger celebrating the single release.

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Earthwork Recording Studio – Newark