Lights Out for Suspense

Shorter days and longer nights can work on your mind. After a while, your mind can hear things…, see things…, believe things.

We present for your… consideration, a handful of classic radio plays that will cause a chill that no blanket can overcome.

Pleasant dreams from WCLT….

EscapeA Shipment of Mute FateA good story about a deadly snake loose on an ocean liner. Jack Webb is excellent as the narrator, the sound of the snake strike is very well-done.10/15/1947
Leiningen Vs. The AntsA determined man battles even more determined insects in the tropical jungles.05/23/1948
Hall of Fantasy
The Crawling ThingA scientist uses a deadly spider to experiment with his growth serum. It works all too well.05/18/1953
Inner Sanctum MysteriesSong of the SlasherA good story about a cop who discovers that he’s living in the same building with a homicidal maniac.04/24/1945
The Judas ClockDeath comes to those who own this clock. It uses Judas’ thirty pieces of silver as counterweights!04/17/1945
Mercury Theater of the AirWar of the Worlds
The most famous radio show of all time. Mars invades New Jersey.
SuspenseThe Dunwich HorrorA confusing story about a monster loose in the countryside. Ronald Colman should never be cast as a radio announcer! The production features well done sound effects.11/01/1945
EscapeThree Skeleton KeyThe rats return to the lighthouse. With a special introduction by Doug Pricer03/17/1950